Most Common Mistakes Made While Buying a 3kw Solar System

If you are thinking of installing a solar system at your home then you need to have basic knowledge about it no matter if you are going to do it on your own or are hiring someone. It will be better to say that the results will be best only if you are aware of every step you are doing. Moreover, the installation of solar systems is quite complex because of multiple installers. =

But once you successfully install your soldier system then you can do very little for a long period and your electricity bill will also reduce to a great extent. But, it has been found that lots of people made common mistakes while buying a 3000 watt solar system and they have to regret it afterwards. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid these mistakes so that your purchase remains effective.

Mistakes to Avoid

If you are sure that the given mentioned mistakes are not done by you then it means you have perfectly installed your 3kw solar system and are taking full advantage of it. If you are about to buy a solar system then it is suggested to keep in mind the mistakes that we are going to discuss below:

Looking For Multiple Choices

You must avoid waiting for multiple choice. Although you will get a chance to buy the best solar system of all on the same hand there is a great chance you get confused and ends up with the wrong solar system.

Unawareness of Solar System Economics

If you have no basic knowledge about solar system economics then there is a great chance that you get confused between so many choices and as a result buy the wrong system. Hence it’s important to gather basic details of a solar system and its components.

Choosing the Wrong Size of System

The other most common problem made by a lot of people is the selection of the wrong-sized solar system. If you install a small-sized system then it will not be able to fulfill the power needs of your home appliances and if you install a large system then the remaining power will go to waste. Hence, make sure that you install the system that is according to your house needs.

Choosing Wrong Battery

Battery plays a vital role in storing electricity so that it can be utilized in the future. Hence while buying a battery make sure that it doesn’t discharge half of its capacity regularly as this will affect the lifespan of the battery. Never try to utilize car batteries as your solar battery.

Be Careful

Your safety is way more important than the solar system hence make sure that you don’t take such a step that can hurt you or the people around you. You will be astonished to know that a 3kw solar system can kill a person hence never do such an installation that can hurt you at any cost.

Not Using a Consumption Monitor

Another important mistake made by people is not installing the consumption monitor. The ability of a solar system to produce electricity will never be affected by installing a consumption monitor but it will give you a lot of benefits. Moreover, this monitor will help you to save your money.

Compromising Over Quality

It’s a very common misconception that all solar systems either of good or bad quality, provide the same results. It’s wrong, you should always go ahead with the best quality product so that you don’t have to regret after.

To Conclude

If you are thinking of installing a solar system either by yourself or by a professional, it’s important to keep in mind some mistakes that lots of people made while purchasing or before purchasing a solar system. If you want to make your system last and give maximum output then it’s important to make sure that you are not repeating the mistake made by other people.



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