Main Factors That Cause an Engine Oil Pan to Leak

An oil pan consists of a dark-colored part in which oil is stored. An oil pan’s primary function is to transfer the oil to the parts in the car and after lubricating them, the remaining oil returns to the oil pan and continues until the oil pan is empty. The purpose of lubricating is to reduce friction and increase efficiency will make the parts run in an organized and smooth way.

The gasket covers the oil pan which results in making oil contained. An oil pan also prevents the oil to be leaked while lubricating the parts. The main thing which may result in leaking the oil pan is the material by which it is made.

If your oil pan is leaked then you will face some serious damage to your car like rapid oil shortage, damage to your car engine, and many more. You can consider for getting an engine oil pan.

Causes of Leakage

An oil pan is used for the benefit of the car until it has no type of damage or leakage. So you have to pay attention to the oil pan also to protect your car from repair. There are some major and minor reasons or mistakes provided below which may result in a leakage oil pan system.

Temperature Difference

One of the common reasons for oil pan leaking is the change in the temperature. The car remains cold when the engine stops working and gets hotter when the engine is in motion and is doing work. This reason helps the metal parts to expand and contract which may result in a hole in the oil pan which cause leakage.

Untightened Bolts

The importance of bolts is very important in an oil pan. As if any bolt from any area gets loss or is to tighten properly then the oil pan is unable to close completely and the oil leaks from different portions. The reason of loosen the bolt in the changed temperature at different intervals.

Bad Gasket

The oil pan gasket is a part of the engine oil pan. With time things wear down so the same case with the oil pan gasket it also wears down and starts leaking along the sides. It sometimes feels like the engine oil pan is leaking because the oil collects around the gasket. The leakage of oil due to the gasket can be prevented by using cork gaskets.

Contact Points

We can say that the contact parts have a significant role and if by chance attention is not given to them then they will result in damaging the engine oil pan. Hence, it’s important to make sure that the contact parts will be cleaned thoroughly to prevent oil pan leakage.

Faulty Oil Filter

Another main reason which may cause leakage is the lazy and undesirable work of oil filters. Its job is to prevent the engines from different types of free substances present in the engine which may result in the tidy working of the oil pan with a leakage.

Symptoms of Leaked Oil Pan

  • If you check your oil meter after some time then you notice then there is a rapid decrease in the level of oil.
  • Another prominent symptom is the fall of oil on the surface where the car is parked for some time.
  • If the oil pan is leaked then the leaked oil reacts with a hot engine and black smoke is produced which the symptom of the oil pan is leaking.

Wise Lines

There are some systems and parts in the car which demand attention and if they are not provided with this attention then may result in severe damage to the car. An oil pan is a device that is responsible for storing and transferring oil to other parts to lubricate them. If there is any leakage in the oil pans then you must have to repair them first.



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